Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell started their podcast (creatively titled) Jules and Sarah the Podcast because they wanted to hang out with each other more. Over 200 episodes, 3 live events, one disco and a lot of cheese boards later, the podcast is now hugely successful with fans all over the world.

Every week Jules and Sarah recieve letters, postcards and parcels from their loyal legion of fans known as “The Port Salut Crew.” There are listeners to the podcast all over the world and there have been meetups in New York, Glasgow and Sydney.

In 2017 Jules and Sarah did their first live episode, in London and complete with an enormous sponsored cheese bar. Tickets sold out within the first two days of being on sale. Since then they have done live episodes in Manchester and hosted their own Saturday night episode, complete with disco.

In March 2018 the pair launched their second podcast series Wobble, inspired by their weekly letters from listeners to Jules and Sarah the Podcast. The message was always very similar, “I’m going through something really hard and listening to the podcast has really helped me.” Listeners wrote in about mental health issues, trauma, body confidence and suffering in silence. Wobble is an eight part podcast series that interviews guests on body confidence, mental health and aims to show the listener that it’s ok to not be ok and encourages them to talk more openly.

As part of the series the duo hosted a live episode with a panel of guests including Danielle Peazer and Felicity Hayward at Byrdie HQ in central London.

The duo have been podcasting since October 2015 and are hosted by Acast and iTunes receiving on average 45K listens per month.